How does Rewind work?

When you consume alcohol your body turns it into a toxin called acetaldehyde. Those toxins that aren't metabolized cause the hangover. Rewind works to help your body neutralize the alcohol and prevent acetaldehyde from forming. To see it in action, check out our How It Works page. To get all fancy with the science behind a hangover, visit our About Rewind page.

Is Rewind safe?

Rewind is completely safe, and has no known side effects. Since Rewind is a nutritional supplement, it is not regulated by the FDA. But we have made sure that all of the ingredients in Rewind are on the FDA's GRAS list and Rewind is manufactured in a FDA approved facility. Click here to see the list of ingredients in Rewind.

Where can I buy Rewind?

Rewind is currently being launched at retail locations in the Northeast and is available for purchase online anytime. Free shipping is included with all orders nationwide. Check out our Buy It page to find out more.

How do I take Rewind?

Since Rewind neutralizes the toxins in your body, it works when taken at the end of the night. So have your fun and take Rewind as your last shot of the night.

Can I take Rewind in the morning?

Unfortunately your body works too quickly for that. By morning the alcohol has already changed to acetaldehyde and been absorbed into your body, which means it's too late for Rewind to help. Rewind wants to be there before your hangover has a chance to start.

What's the history of Rewind?

To ensure the best product for consumers, Rewind's technology was developed and tested for four years before delivering to the public. With headquarters in Connecticut, Rewind is ready to share its product across the country. Find out more about what we're currently doing on our News and Events page.

Where is Rewind produced?

All manufacturing and production of Rewind is done within the United States. Our initial manufacturing and blending are done at facilities in Houston, Texas. After that, the final blending, bottling and distribution are done in Watertown, Connecticut.

What makes Rewind different?

Although there seems to be a flood of products on the market for hangover symptoms, many of them come with complicated directions, require you to mix powders, drink it throughout the night, or even guess beforehand how much you'll drink.

Rewind's formula and dosage allows you to just relax and enjoy your night. You don't have to plan in advance how many drinks you're going to have, or remember to take something while you're out having fun. And if a couple dinner drinks turn into a night on the town, Rewind will still be there for you at the end of the night, ready to prevent your hangover.