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Ran the road race, tried the product and one word… OUTSTANDING!

- Dustin, MA
This Stuff is Magical… You have a winner here.

- Tom, CT
I went out with my friends and just had fun. Trouble was I had to work the next day so I remembered to take Rewind before bed. It is a miracle product, I felt fantastic. Highly recommended.

- Kim, CT
I never write emails or get excited about anything or certainly any products; however you had a group giving away a hangover prevention product called Rewind. My buddies and I each grabbed a few bottles for the long weekend and then sampled everything you had on tap that day... We all took this product at the end of the night and all 8 of us woke up feeling zero hangover. This product was amazing and I felt compelled to write you and give you my story because it worked for everyone, and what I thought was a gimmick turns out is the real deal. Thank you for having such a great event and having such cool products as give aways. You saved my Sunday. 

- Jay V.
I was in Las Vegas last week on a business trip for a trade show which I was responsible for client dinners, night life and early morning booth duties. My EVP bought a 12pk of Rewind from the website and handed it out to the four team members the first night (we were there for 3 nights). After a long first night with clients and many beverages, I took Rewind before bed as directed and when I woke up in the morning I felt great. I was at the top of my game for the booth as was my coworkers, which made our team excel at the show. We did this for the next few nights and time and time again it worked.

The product was amazing and gave our team the competitive advantage over our competitors who were dragging on their booth duties on day two. I highly recommend this product to EVERYONE.

- Dan, NY
Tried the product last weekend at a friends B-day party. I bought it from the local package store while buying my wine. Great night was had, with a bad morning expectation, took Rewind before bed and was amazed. This stuff really works. Rewind is the REAL DEAL… Everyone needs to try this product. Thank you!

- Jennifer, MA
It gets no better than this product. RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE!

- Jack, NY
St. Patty’s Day & Weekend life saver!! IT WORKS

- Christine, MA